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Escape Tour Rotterdam (English)

On September 5, 1927, the Netherlands was startled by the discovery of human remains on the Holland-America Line in Rotterdam. Who would do such a thing, and why? The police were completely in the dark, but it soon became clear that the victim was Hein de Korte. Was it the result of a dispute in the underworld?

Soon enough, Gerrit came into the picture, both famous and notorious in the underworld. He was alleged to be the murderer. But was that so? Because of his Robin Hood-like character, both his guilt and his innocence were conceivable. The fact was that, in any case, Gerrit was on the run.

During the Escape Tour Rotterdam, you will search, along with Gerrit, for the secret passage out of the city. In the underworld, the existence of the secret passage was widely known, but the exact location was a mystery to Gerrit. Will you manage to escape from the city within two hours? The search begins on Willemsplein near the Erasmus bridge. Good luck!

Start the game whenever you want
Max. 2 hours
2-5 persons (per team)
€ 49,95 per team

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1. Kies je stad, betaal via iDeal en ontvang direct instructies in je mail om de Escape Tour te starten.
2. Je kunt het spel starten wanneer je wil. Nu direct, morgen, volgende week, over een maand...
3. Los het raadsel op, en ontsnap binnen 2 uur. Word winnaar van de maand!
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