Laatst geboekte Escape Tour is in de stad Nijmegen
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Laatst geboekte Escape Tour is in de stad Nijmegen
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Escape Tour Salzburg (English)

Salzburg is the city of Mozart, where he was celebrated from an early age for his musical talent. As a teenager, he not only played the violin but also earned extra money as a piano teacher. However, stories circulated that he mainly did this because of his young female students... He also gave lessons to the daughter of the richest man in Salzburg, Mr Doppler. Until the father caught Mozart with his daughter... Mr Doppler is furious, and Mozart quickly flees the house.

With the Escape Tour Salzburg, you take on the role of Mozart and flee from the richest man in the city, who has already asked his friends for help. Mozart must therefore quickly find the secret passage out of Salzburg, since his life is now in danger here. Will you be able to find the secret passage out of the city within two hours?

You can find the secret passage if you complete all the assignments, answer questions correctly and are able to decipher the cryptic clues. And while you are doing this, you will also come across the nicest places in Salzburg! Will you set a record time? Then you will earn a place on the Wall of Fame! The search begins in the Kurgarten. Good luck!

Start the game whenever you want
Max. 2 hours
2-5 persons (per team)
€ 49,95 per team

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