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Escape Tour Utrecht (English)

Utrecht has countless stories and legends and Bishop Willibrord is one of them. With Escape Tour Utrecht you help Willibrord to find the secret exit of the city. Will you set the fastest Escape Tour Utrecht time?

In the year 714 A.D. Utrecht was shocked by the sudden death of Anna van Asperen. Rumour had it that Francois, king Radbod’s right-hand man, had something to do with it. How was Francois going to solve this problem? He needed the Bishop Willibrord for that. After all, he had heard Anna’s last confessions and knew only too well what had happened.

Willibrord was terrified that Francois' will involve him and goes on the run. He had to leave the city within 2 hours – which is only possible through the secret exit. Escape Tour Utrecht takes you back in time to help Willibrord find the secret exit in time. The escape attempt starts at the Weesbrug in Utrecht, good luck!

Start the game whenever you want
Max. 2 hours
2-5 persons (per team)
€ 49,95 per team

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1. Kies je stad, betaal via iDeal en ontvang direct instructies in je mail om de Escape Tour te starten.
2. Je kunt het spel starten wanneer je wil. Nu direct, morgen, volgende week, over een maand...
3. Los het raadsel op, en ontsnap binnen 2 uur. Word winnaar van de maand!
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